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    Ideal lock Ferdinand Cheval

    • Hauterives, France
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      In the usual French postman from a small town Hauterive was an unusual dream - of his own castle. And in the spring of 1879 the first stone was laid on the dream - in every sense of the word. Ferdinand Cheval began to gather stones of unusual shape and coloring. This occupation he devoted 20 years until retirement. Neighbors saw Chevalier strange eccentric. He, meanwhile, started the construction of the stones of his "ideal castle". On the building of the palace dreams Chevalier took 33 years. For "gluing" Castle author used a mixture of cement and lime.

      Talk about the palace belonging to any style difficult. This is a true architectural flight of fancy - in the castle you can see scenes from the Bible and mythology іnduskіya. On the walls of the palace marked utterances of the Buddha and Christ. Inside there is a mosque, and the Church of the Virgin Mary. Castle also has a lot of turns and exits. Outside Ideal Palace Chevalier decorate stairs, fountains and sculptures.

      After almost 50 years after the death of Ferdinand Chevalier his original work recognized by many famous personalities, including Pablo Picasso. And in 1969, the French Ministry of Culture announced the assignment Ideal Palace official status of the historical monument.

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