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    Temple of Diana

    • Nimes, France
    • Temple of Diana$$
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      Ancient temple of Diana is situated on a hill, in the so-called fountain gardens. But to be honest, the name "Temple of Diana" does not match: scientists doubt that this building was erected as a temple and was dedicated to the goddess of hunting. The question as to what was meant This building still remains open, most likely, it's part of the sanctuary with the Nymphaeum, dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus. Or it served as a bath or library. Construction of the building corresponds to the period of Emperor Augustus, and the facade was restored in the II century. In the Middle Ages it housed the monastery chapel of St. Ursula, so old building was partially saved. It was badly damaged during the wars of religion - there has been arranged quarry, besides, there was a fire. To have survived only a part of the building - is covered arches large hall and two staircases. If it could go up to the room adjacent to the building, but now only ruins. Survived two level central facade with three large arched openings.

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