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    Grand Opera

    • Paris 09 Opera, France
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      If Napoleon III was assassinated on the road is not the opera, we never would have heard of the name - "Grand Opera". Frightened emperor demanded to build a new opera in Paris (as it would help to avoid new attacks).

      Announced a competition for the project of the theater building, and won an unknown 35-year-old architect Charles Garnier, whose name is the theater today. Construction began in 1862 and dragged on for almost 15 years in connection with many problems. This Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune, and the Republican government, and if not fanatical obstinacy Garnier, theater, most likely, was never built. But despite these difficulties, in 1867, the preliminary opening of the theater.

      The theater building is a chaos of architectural styles, with an emphasis on luxury and pomp that can be said about the interiors of the theater. Tourists are sure to show luxurious lobby of the main staircase - one of the most famous places of the Opera Garnier, a library, which hosts exhibitions, and throughout the year opened a museum exhibition for everyone to touch the great past of the famous opera and a foyer with amazing mosaic arches. Theatre Hall in the Grand Opera decorated in red and gold colors and decorated with magnificent crystal chandelier. Vault ceiling of the auditorium is painted by Marc Chagall.

      The walls of the Grand Opera once heard Caruso and Nellie Melba, Feodor Chaliapin and Adelina Patti, Emma Calve and Francesco Taman.

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