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    • Arrondissement de Metz-Ville, France
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      Esplanade (Esplanade de Metz) - City Garden, located in the west of Metz Metz quarter-Center at the place where were the ancient defensive ditches, covered in 1816 in the course of urban development. Near the Esplanade to Palace of Justice, Chapel of the Templars, St. Peter's Basilica, the School of Fine Arts.

      Beautiful alley lime and chestnut trees surround the picturesque central part of the garden, where there are blooming flower beds and a fountain. Esplanade is decorated with sculptures of artists - representatives of Metz School: Naiad and the statue of Marshal Ney, the famous bronze horse Christoph Frat. You can also see a sculpture of Paul Verlaine and Soldier-liberator, hero of the First World War.

      Esplanade - is not just a beautiful garden for walks, but historically important place of the city, as well as the area where there is an active cultural life. In February and March are held Fair Foire de Carnaval, summer - a literary festivalÉtédu Livre. At the end of the summer in the Esplanade celebrate plum Mіrabel - this symbol Mezzo. In winter, here are deploying Christmas market and ice skating.

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