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    The Eiffel Tower

    • Invalides, France
    • The Eiffel Tower$$
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      Eiffel Tower - an elegant silhouette of France, won the hearts of the world (the tower is the most visited and most photographed attraction in the world). The tower was built on the Champ de Mars in 1889, in front of Jena bridge over the River Seine. Character Paris was conceived as a temporary structure - the creation of the Eiffel served as the entrance arch of the Paris World Exhibition of 1889. From the demolition was planned (20 years after the show) tower saved radio antenna mounted on the top.

      The tower is 322 meters; monument rests on four huge pylon with a cement base.

      The tower is divided into three levels: the first - at a height of 57 meters, the second - and third 115 - 274. The first two platforms are restaurants and bars. 3 platform is a lighthouse with a dome, above which is an observation deck at a height of 274 meters, "See Paris and die. "

      Locals believe the famous metal structure ridiculous curiosity for tourists, but agree that it is definitely something to eat!

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