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    Palace of Jacques Coeur

    • Bourges, France
    • Palace of Jacques Coeur$$
    • +33 248247942
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      News from the XV century, can be called the Palace of Jacques Coeur, which is situated in the northwest of the center of Bourges. Due to remoteness of construction - the building was restored several times. Throughout its history, the palace was Kerala and the City, and the Palace of Justice. But since 1840, the building added to the list of monuments of architecture and history of France.

      The architecture of the palace is different eccentricity, and floor plan - irregular shape (heavily favored corner). The facades are very different in style. The western facade is decorated with hearts, roses and shells. On the balcony, before a statue of Charles VII on horseback. There is a small chapel. All the decoration of the eastern facade creates a view of the majestic castle.

      The complete opposite of the eastern part of the western facade of the building opens. Straight and strict lines prevailing in the processing look though elegant, but quite restrained.

      The interior of the palace as gracefully: here preserved bas-reliefs and sculptures, as well as the beautiful stained glass windows. In addition to the beautiful decoration, the interior of the building is very practical - all the rooms connected by a staircase, galleries and corridors.

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