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    Palace of the Parliament of Brittany

    • Rennes, France
    • Palace of the Parliament of Brittany$$
    • +33 2 99 67 11 66
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      Starting from 1561, the Parliament of Brittany in Rennes met. In 1618, the architect Germain Gauthier for parliament began construction of a new building, which today is one of the symbols of Rennes. Those who have been in the Luxembourg Palace, once they see the external similarity of these two buildings. There is nothing surprising in 1665. Solomon de Brosse, built his palace while Marie de Medici, completely changed the original appearance of the facade of the parliament building. Today, this architectural style is defined as the French Mannerism. For the interior decoration of the palace were invited the best artists: painters, carvers and sculptors.

      The result of their work became luxurious interiors decorated with gilded carvings, painted ceiling shades, tapestries and canvases. On the roof of the palace are the four gilded figures that symbolize Justice, Power, Law and eloquence. Unfortunately, in 1994 the building was badly damaged by fire, especially unique wooden ceiling construction. Money for the restoration of the Palace of Parliament collected, they say, the world. The restoration lasted 5 years and Today, the interiors of the palace has been completely restored.

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