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    Archbishop's Palace

    • Narbonne, France
    • Archbishop's Palace$$
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    • Archbishop's Palace is located in Narbonne, close to the famous Cathedral Narbonne Cathedral and consists of several parts.

      At a time when the cathedral was not built yet, canons and bishops placed in the towers and buildings along the city wall. But over time, housing canons began falling apart, and the government decided to reconstruct Narbona ensemble. It was decided to combined under the facade of the dungeon Gilles Osena and the tower of the Holy in the bathroom. The facade of the building was designed in the Gothic style.

      The second component of the complex - a new palace. The building has four, built in the shape of a square, surrounded by four towers. On the top floor is a weapons room.

      Architecture of the Old Palace is made in the Romanesque style. Currently, there is open Archaeological Museum. The tower of St. Bath is located near the building of the Synod, on the terrace, which has a garden of great beauty. Previously, the second floor of the building served apartments for archbishops, and today - There is a museum of art and history

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