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    Route Napoléon

    • Digne-les-Bains, France
    • Route Napoléon$$
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      Route Napoléon - one of the most unusual and fascinating places in France. This is the path length of 325 kilometers, which worked Napoleon Bonaparte when I fled from the island of Elba. The journey starts from the Gulf of Juan, near Cannes, and ends in Grenoble. Route Napoléon is the site of the French national route number 85 along the entire length of the road Napoleon's imperial statues of eagles, which are a symbol of strength, courage and vision of the French conqueror.

      Moving away from the sea inland, Napoleon assembled an army to the end of its path to emerge victorious. Along the route of the emperor with a car or truck tour. The road starts from the green hills and orange groves, varying in Grasse Alpine rocks. Mountain cliffs and gorges in depth reaches 600 meters. In the highlands you can feel calm and measured rural life. Residents of small villages offer travelers fresh milk.

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