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    Paris Flea Market Marche aux Puces

    • Saint-Ouen, France
    • Paris Flea Market Marche aux Puces$$
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      Marsho'Pyus (Marche aux puces) in French means "flea market". Paris Marsho'pyus where Klinyankort - one of the most famous and largest flea markets in Europe. It's not just a bunch of tents without any order; it several markets, each of which sells products that belong to a certain direction.

      Of course, the biggest asset of flea markets of Paris - it's an antique. Paris itself is a museum town, a city-esthete, filled with delicious things, built up an amazing building. And the local flea markets in full support of his reputation city. Here you can buy paintings, exquisite old toys, antiques, old books and icons.

      You can even buy the things they once enjoyed by people belonging to the French royal court! In general, lovers of antiques and vintage is the place seem a paradise. And it's nice to bring home from Paris that interesting Thing with its history.

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