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    Basilica of Saint-Sernin

    • Toulouse, France
    • Basilica of Saint-Sernin$$
    • +33 5 61 11 02 22
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      Saint-Sernin Basilica is the hallmark of Toulouse. It is the largest Romanesque building, which survives to this day. Name associated with the name of the Basilica of St. sulfuric (or Saturninus), former first bishop of Toulouse, which died in 257 year. Most of basil on the burial place of the bishop was built at the end of the IV century. In the years 768-800, during the reign of Charlemagne, the Basilica darovashego few relics of saints, she began to play an important role peravalachnaga point in the path of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. In 1080 construction began on the Basilica. The first was built apsіda and 16 years completed the construction of the choir and chapel. In the XII century the church was attached octagonal tower and its spire was built only in the XV century.
      Basilica was repeatedly subjected to restructuring and restoration, but the large-scale architectural changes of the church were made in 1271. Planning Saint-Sernin Basilica differs from other early Christian basilicas. Above all, it is much larger other churches. Secondly, its walls are composed primarily of brick. Third, the planning of the Basilica resembles a cross, and ceilings, unlike similar buildings, vaulted.

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