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    Tower Man

    • Nimes, France
    • Tower Man$$
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      Tower Tour de Man, whose height is more than 30 meters, stands on an octagonal base, the faces of which are non-uniform. This is due to the rather complex terrain. Above the plinth stands second tier is decorated in distinct traditions Tuscan architecture. Unfortunately, now that little remained of this decoration. In the Roman period in the tower had three tiers, but the third remained only ruins. Inside the tower was reconstructed staircase, whose form is not quite compatible with the ancient masonry walls.
      Once in the Middle Ages, the city limits were considerably reduced, the tower remained outside, but has not lost its defensive value. It has become an important point of defense against the English during the Hundred Years' War. Tour Magne was immortalized in the popular poetry, which says that one queen allegedly met with his beloved. And in 1601, one of the residents of the city believed in the predictions of Nostradamus about countless treasures taken, organized excavations around the tower.
      In the XIX century the tower was used as a semaphore, but in 1843, under the "domestication" of the ruins took here was cleaned up. Now there are different exhibitions. From the hill on which the tower with a great view of the city.

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