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    Amphitheatre three Gallium

    • Lyon, France
    • Amphitheatre three Gallium$$
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      Scoring draw three amphitheater built in the Roman period in Lyon. The name of the amphitheater was the name of so-called "three fagots" - the three provinces of the Roman Empire, in what is now France.

      The amphitheater was built around 19 AD. At this point, before the arrival of the Romans settled the village of Gauls. The amphitheater is located at the very center. At this point, representatives of the Gallic tribes gathered to discuss important issues, which gives Researchers say the base of the elements of a parliamentary system.

      Amphitheatre three branches known for the fact that it was here in 177 AD Lyon were thrown to the lions first Christian martyr. The most famous Christian martyr Saint Blandina there. The legend says that she was thrown to the wolves in cage with lions, but lions walked away and did not touch it. Lions replaced bulls, but they refused to cause her any harm. Finally the Roman soldiers killed her with their swords. Later, in honor of the holy martyr Blandina in the south-eastern part of the amphitheater a monument was erected, in the form of columns.

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