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    Amphitheatre Nimes

    • Nimes, France
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      Roman amphitheater is located in the historic center took. This building, built in the best traditions of Roman architecture in about 60 BC.

      There is an opinion that it is served as an architectural model for the construction of the Roman Colosseum in the I century AD. Amphitheater, which contains 24,000 viewers is divided into four zones 34 and the gallery. The first rows were for patrician families whose names were written on the back benches. These inscriptions have survived to the present day, and tourists can see them firsthand in the city museum, where these "chairs for the audience," moved from the open air.

      As a result of archaeological research, it was found that for the comfort of spectators amphitheater were announced drinking water and equipped with drainage. After the gladiatorial games were officially banned in 404 goduamfiteatr was strengthened and turned into a fortress. In this fortress, "castrum arenae", vestgotskіya residents took ukravalis when enemy raids.

      Arches were laid in the walls done by loopholes, and dug a moat around the walls. Inside the fortress was located 2 churches and 220 houses. As such, the amphitheater lasted until the end of the XVIII century. In 1786, the State Council issued a royal decree on clearing the ruins.

      In 1809, a new decree of the emperor accelerated the process of restoration. Since then, in the arena of sport competitions, festivals and performances. Here spend bullfights, but, unlike the Spanish bullfighting, animals do not kill.

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