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    Abbey of Fontevraud

    • Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France
    • Abbey of Fontevraud$$
    • +33 2 41 51 87 97
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      History luxurious and beautifully restored Abbey of Fontevraud dates back to 1101. The founder was Robert Abbey Abrissel - comes from a church family from Brittany. First paslushnіkamі were all followers Abrisselya - men, and women. Founder of the monastery was a truly unique person who has managed to create under the same roof as five mansions. Each of them is intended for people well-defined position and status. Thus, the Monastery of St. Lazarus intended for leprosy patients, the Monastery of St. Benoit - for people with disabilities, in the monastery of St. Mary - for the Sisters of Charity, Convent of Santa. Mary Magdalene - who repent for greshnіts, and in the monastery of St. Jeanne - for monks.
      During the XII century Abbey of Fontevraud developed rapidly, which contributed to a very endless donations and various privileges. Gradually the number of places that were under Fontevraud increased so that the expanded outside France - they appeared in Spain and England. The total number of 120 numbered seats, and the monastery became one of the largest in Europe. However, in the XVIII century abbey decline. At the beginning of the XIX century in the monastery was located prison, which contained More than 1,500 men and women. After the closure of the prison in 1962 began large-scale reconstruction of the whole complex, after which the museum was opened here. The main attraction of the Abbey of Fontevraud - tombs of Eleanor of Aquitaine, her husband, King England Henry II Plantagenet, and their son - the famous Richard the Lionheart.

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