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    Restaurant Paul Bocuse

    The famous French restaurant Paul Bocuse is in the small village of Pont de Collonges only a few minutes drive from Lyon The striking façade of the building and a huge sign on the roof will not let you get lost or drive past In the name of the

    Ideal lock Ferdinand Cheval

    In the usual French postman from a small town Hauterive was an unusual dream of his own castle And in the spring of 1879 the first stone was laid on the dream in every sense of the word Ferdinand Cheval began to gather stones of unusual shape 

    Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

    Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière is located on the top of the eponymous hill overlooking the town In ancient times this place was the ancient forum of the Roman Emperor Trajan The Basilica was designed by Pierre Bossan in combination of two

    The ruins of the Roman theater

    Antique theater complex in Lyon is one of the oldest in Gaul It includes the actual amphitheater and the Odeon the walls of which 2 000 years ago actors singers and musicians comforting taste of the inhabitants of one of the largest cities of the

    Plateau Croix-Rousse

    Hill of the Croix Rousse can rightfully be called a museum of history of Lyon this quarter filled with surprises and historical sites It is here November 21 1831 the rebels were shot Lyons weavers Croix Rousse plateau is a world apart as a separate

    Fresco "Wall weavers"

    Fresco Wall weavers is one of the main attractions of the town It details all the complex historical transformation that befell quarter Croix Rousse Fresco Takacs Wall is located on the corner of Boulevard des Canuts and streets Rochereau   in

    Church of St. Bruno

    Church of St Bruno is located on a hill in the historic quarter of the Croix Rousse who was famous in the Middle Ages for its tradition of weaving and silk production This temple built in the XVI century for the monks of the Order of kartezіyanskіh

    Cours de Voras

    Courthouse in Lyon built in about 1840 is a place that is a symbol of the important events in the history of the city At the courthouse attached plaque inscription which indicates that in this house defended Lyons weavers  their lives honor and

    Amphitheatre three Gallium

    Scoring draw three amphitheater built in the Roman period in Lyon The name of the amphitheater was the name of so called three fagots the three provinces of the Roman Empire in what is now France The amphitheater was built around 19 AD At this point

    Chapel of the victims of the Revolution

    The appearance of the Chapel of the victims of the revolution in Lyon connected with the events of the bourgeois revolution Most of the residents of Lyon categorically refused to accept the revolution and the convention ordered the destruction of
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