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    Castles of Loire

    Castles of Loire one of the main attractions of the Loire Valley Loire separates France to the south and north French kings when he liked the area of ​​climate and landscape turned in the Loire ValleyKingdom Hearts 15 16 centuries Before you turn in

    Beach Montalivet

    France has always been considered a country of love and romance and often recognized place of eroticism and sexual liberation Montalivet is perhaps the most famous nudist beach resort in France But this is not just another version of a naked

    Abbey of Fontevraud

    History luxurious and beautifully restored Abbey of Fontevraud dates back to 1101 The founder was Robert Abbey Abrissel comes from a church family from Brittany First paslushnіkamі were all followers Abrisselya men   and women Founder of the

    Замок Бриссак

    Замок Бриссак расположенный в провинции Лангедок является самым высоким во Франции Его высота оставляет 52 метра Название замка и прилегающей к нему местности связано со средневековым прозвищем рисунков Breche sac что означает дырка в мешке

    Castle Anzhe

    Ancient fortress is a symbol of the city of Angers and its central attraction The original fortress appeared here in the XI century on the site of the ancient Gallo Roman fortifications on the orders of Count Anzhuyskaga Fulk III Count of Anjou Then

    Saumur Castle

    Saumur Castle is one of the most beautiful and famous castles of the Loire It is located in a picturesque location at the confluence of the Loire and the Thue This castle is so beautiful that the famous King René of Anjou poet described it in his


    Beautiful castle of Chenonceau is located on the River Cher His story begins in 1243 the year when the family settled these lands where Mark First the castle was heavily fortified but where Mark had the imprudence to place on the territory of the

    Langeais Castle

    Castle Lange began its history in the tenth century when the first stone was laid by Count Fulco Black The fortress was built on a cliff When Fulk was more like a fortress of stone mansion All that changed with the arrival on the throne of Richard

    Winery Saumur

    A unique place for this wine tasting the motto of Saumur wine The quality of its products is confirmed by the age of the winery And it existed during the time of the Gauls and the Holy Roman Empire Since the end of the XI century Loire Valley due

    Cathedral Saint-Front

    The largest church in the southwest of France is the cathedral of Saint Front in Perigueux It was built in the middle of the twelfth century The architecture of the cathedral is dominated by Roman and Byzantine features If you look at the cathedral
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