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    Castle Mont Saint-Michel

    In France Mont Saint Michel is inferior in popularity only to the Eiffel Tower and Versailles According to legend the castle of Mont Saint Michel (then Abbey) was built on the orders of Archbishop Aubert back in 709 Archbishop three times in the

    Castle Monmyuran

    Monmyuran Castle was built in the XI century lord Tanteniak After two centuries it was renovated being heavily damaged during the military conflict with King Henry II Since then kept the two towers In the XIV century castle appearance

    Castle Burbanse

    Burbanse Castle was built in 1583 by a man named Jean du Breuil At first he had much smaller than it is today consisted only of the central facade and two towers The first changes were made in the XVII century during the construction of the west

    Palace of the Parliament of Brittany

    Starting from 1561 the Parliament of Brittany in Rennes met In 1618 the architect Germain Gauthier for parliament began construction of a new building which today is one of the symbols of Rennes Those who have been in the Luxembourg Palace once they

    Cathedral of Saint-Pierre

    That part of the city where the Cathedral of Saint Pierre was known in the VI century In the XII century began the construction of the cathedral and at the end of the XV century he had the west wing and the bell tower Over the next 200 years was

    Porta Mordles

    Porta Mordles is a preserved part of the fortress walls of Rennes Early wall was built in the III century but the part that is preserved dating from the XV century Decorations for the main entrance gate to the city The name comes from the city

    Holy Trinity Church in Normandy

    The history of the emergence of the Church of the Holy Trinity is associated with the names of the Norman Duke William the Conqueror the future King of England and his wife Matilda Being blood relatives they had no right to marry However the promise

    Norman lace museum in Bayeux

    July 1 1982 in the Normandy town of Bayeux karunkapletsenyya opened a school in order to revive the ancient Norman craft ruching Along with the work on the restoration of ancient traditions and patterns woven by local craftsmen did not forget

    Vitre Chateau

    Castle got its name in honor of its founder Baron Robert de Vitre who in 1060 began the construction of the building However its original appearance has changed dramatically as a result of major reconstruction in the nineteenth century The first

    The historic center of Saint-Malo

    The historic center of Saint Malo is a city surrounded by thick walls on which you can get around the city and look at it from the height of the fortress Saint Malo France area riddled with romance It is the birthplace of the legendary explorers
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