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    Ooops! It seems, we didn't found any objects of "Medical equipment and materials" category. Would you like to become the early bird?You can add your business to this category, then we will publish this information on website.Search results on the map in the business directory:

    Restaurant "Carmelite"

    The restaurant is located in the heart of Bruges in a little old house with an open veranda De Karmeliet one of the few restaurants that received the highest category by Michelin Chef Geert Van Hecke combines the elegance of your kitchen French and

    Restaurant Hof van Cleve

    Restaurant Hof van Cleve is located in Belgium near the small town of Kruishoutem Building Hof van Cleve is a low farmhouse with a modest sign on the entrance The interior is also very simple and asketіchen but it Hof van Cleve is one  of the

    Restaurant "Old Gateway"

    Restaurant Old Gateway (Oud Sluis) is located in the small town of Sluis (NID Sluis) in the Netherlands Since 2003 the Old gateway on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world by the magazine Restaurant and is currently an honorary owner of

    Club Matter

    Matter nightclub located on the Square Greenwich and is a branch of the legendary nightclub Fabric and one of the legislators club fashion Three of a floor of the club and hotel at 2 600 are completely filled The main direction of club music

    Stade de France

    The majestic sports arena Stade de France can accommodate up to 80 000 spectators and is the home stadium for the French football team and rugby Despite her young age (the arena was built in 1998) the Stade de France has a long history   Here in

    Rouen Cathedral

    Rouen Cathedral well known even without guides and numerous reference books especially among fans of the Impressionists Delicate outlines of the temple of the great Claude Monet inspired to create 36 paintings Awesome elegant incredibly huge Rouen

    Manor Giverny

    Between Paris and Rouen is located in the picturesque village nestled between the village of Giverny Claude Monet If inspire to create beautiful paintings Every summer a lot of tourists flock here to visit the Museum Estate of Claude Monet and

    Chantilly Castle

    Surrounded by three forests in an area of ​​eight thousand acres of towering manor Chantilly The history of the manor begins in 1484 when the French commune of Chantilly passed into the possession of the famous family of Montmorency The estate was

    Reims Cathedral

    The world famous Reims Cathedral is one of the oldest in Europe Its history goes back to the distant year 401 when it was built precursor of the temple which we can see now In the XI century when the original cathedral decayed his  site

    Park "Asterix"

    First came the Asterix comics It was in 1959 Comic book author Albert Uderzo and René Gossini come up with some funny stories in which the main role belonged to a resident of the Gallic village of Asterix In the spring of 1989 opened an amusement
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